I started looking at during holidays, so I could escape the frenzy of family meetings.

In a few days I have read the whole report draft and implemented an interpreter… I think I’m hooked.

It feels exactly the same way than when I discovered some years ago. Awesome magic backed by beautiful mathematical concepts.

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Out of curiosity, is your implementation anywhere to be viewed? I've wanted to take a whack at an implementation, myself, but am not really certain where to even begin.

@WammKD It is *very far* from complete or anything, I was just toying with the ideas.

I intend to make a better implementation later, very low level, the one I have here is done in Scheme so I could skip all the difficult parts. 😉


Haha; entirely fair. 'Still should be interesting, though.

I'd definitely love seeing more people implement this, though, and it get traction. The language is so cool. Best of luck, when you use the more low-level language!

@WammKD If you want to read nice implementations of Scheme (since it’s quite close to Kernel), I really suggest you read SICP if you haven’t yet.
It has multiple ones, in decreasing level of implementation language, and is very very good at explaining how they work. 😁



Does SICP cover implementations? I guess I never got that far. I remember feeling like the book was too abstract for me to grasp but I may be misremembering. I do often run into the issue that most programmers seem to operate on a "Let me describe the general rule and you can derive examples from that" and I definitely work in the reverse direction – give concrete examples and I'll make the connections myself.

Either way, thanks for the links! I should check it out – again –, anyway.

@WammKD I can understand your feeling I guess, SICP starts from maths and descends to hardware, in this order. The course was intended to introduce computer science to math students.

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