Also maybe I should play some pokemon. And make the music of the intro play properly. The notes sound right, but I don't get all of them.

the noise channel finally sounds right. Now I should maybe try to make Tetris work. (or play link's awakening)

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Les pauvres : «euh si vous pouviez ne pas couper toutes les aides svp ?»

Français.e.s : «Et nos impots ??? ?è_é»

*marre de la fraude fiscale, les riches vont devoir payer leur impots*

Français.e.s : «Racisme anti-riche !!!»

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Migrant : *Arrive péniblement d'un pays en guerre (causé par la France) après avoir risqué sa vie et ne demande rien à personne*

Français.e.s . «On a pas les moyens de les soutenir è_é»

Balkany : *fraude des millions*

Français.e.s : Personne n'est parfait :'(

this evening, I plan on modifying my emulator to handle different outputs, like maybe android.
Maybe also put the emulator in its own crate. This will involve traits.

Last commit : sounds more like it should, but not quite there yet.
I still have strange behavior, like the noise channel not stopping when it should.
Still I am please with the work done tonight.

still investigating the sound bug @Hiro reported, I know what is happening, the sound effect plays for too long, It should stop, but I don't know what should stop it. Am I decreasing the time counter too slowly ?

It can now save. I will be able to play games !

Notice the tiny floppy icon, because I still want to save to disk manually.

I fixed the terrible pitch of the sound I was outputting.
Turns out I was ignoring one bit of the frequency register.

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I just noticed that I had not linked to the repository.
If somebody wants to look at my ugly rust coding.

first unit test, I should write more, it is helpful.

And who is cloning my repository ?
Is there anything interesting in there or is it just bots searching for passwords ?

Guess who reversed the parameter order of one of his functions, making strange video bugs ?

My Gameboy emulator still can't register any action on tetris and dr mario (stuck on the title screen with non moving cursor) but I Links Awakening is playable. (but the sound is horrible)

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fighting against hate groups, effect of destroying their place, twitter screenshot Show more

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