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Fat and nipples 

Borb Vermont !

Art fight attack for VermontSeagull

I'm just so glad i can safely post "round artwork" on Mastodon with the CWs ! :>

Inflation/Fatfur fetish 

Birb make nice sphere... By that i mean literally so big that both feets can't even reach the floor !


Who though putting a Cacocubus in middle of a tight corridor was a good idea?!
Art fight attack for AGroupOfFatties

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What's Marcus doing here? Was feeling a little burned out so I decided to do something personal.

Which is exactly why it ended up being Extra compared to what I had intended lol

The shirt isn't any specific design but man I like it. It's kinda based off Aya's shirts in Touhou. The background isn't any specific clearing but it's inspired by the Youkai Tanuki Forest ( in Touhou.

Inflation / Fatfur 

Did you swallow something to get that big Ignus ?!

Commission for

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You're out of TOUCH.MID
I'm out of time
But I'm out of my head when you're not around

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Honk honk goes the Turtle !
Commission for GTurtleAD on twitter (NSFW handle)

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