Deltarune spoiler 

"Hey you, you know what kind of roller coaster is this? Well do ya?"

Yup, Berdly is my favorite character.

Fatfur / Really fat 

Look at that fat donkey !

For @EnergyUnit

Fatfur / Inflation 

Bwahahah, pranked
by giving him an automatic INFLATING jacket. :)

NSFW/ Fatfur/ inflation 

Chip is really enjoying this butthose!
Art trade with chell_chip


Vasya love being fat and sloshy!

For VasyaDarkLatex on twitter

That new Bomberman game look good !

(Don't pay attention to the bad framerate)


Look like the tables have turned, it's now ShindenWolf turn to be a big round flying animal ! >:D


Look like all the participants of the raffle got eaten for the , but we can still see HoshaFox
tails from my beak !

I see someone is challenging me, what are you expecting to do, turn me into a fried chicken?
*Boss theme start playing*

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