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Since it been a longtime i didn't do an .
Ask me anything !

I keep hearing rumors about Spyro Remaster being fake, but i'm not sure if it's true or not. :x

Heyy, sorry for not being active here. Been into mapping a doom map those days. :V

Something i need to change with myself is i should use the exclamation mark less often in chat !

Something i like about Dark Souls is how that game make me feel cold, i find that game perfect to play when i don't have an internet connection.

Question, do you have multiple form of your fursona? :o

To compare, the first drawing, i digitally did of him (2013).

Then a winter redesign (2014).

I removed the Griffon aspect of him because cat ears don't look good on him. :v

Just made a new redesign and refsheet for an old character i had.
I kept the name tho.

Someone that harassed my friend tried to be friend with me, and he got really mad that i showed the conversation about him asking if there drama about him.

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When i was kid, i used to have tones of those shareware/Shovelwares CDs.

Most of them where obviously flash game downloaded from a site, and then converted to .exe file.

Or better:
Install file into another Install for a game that don't work.

I legitimately want to meet more of my online friends, but they live too far... :/

But turnout i can't, just because my parents are way to worried if something bad happened to me.
Like that one time 4 years ago.

I love hybrid character, even more when it's hybrid with a dragon or a dinosaur !

Just hearing about bulling at school and teacher doing nothing about it is the most frustrating thing.