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I love when someone regonize my name on literally any game.
Thank you for all the support when i had the worst of days ! <3

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I cannot believe i'm done with my Art Fight Revenge, one day before the deadline.

When i saw someone made a Flameopard, i had to animate that with their neck !

Art Fight revenge for InkyRaccoon

Open Fortress (PC, Team Fortress 2 is requiered)
Have you always wanted to play Team Fortress 2, but without teams?
OF is a Arena Shooter (like Quake 3/Unreal Tournament) done in the Team Fortress 2 Art Style. (Yes, you can bunny hop in that game)

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I was thinking to put the original TF2 in here, but
Team Fortress 2 Classic (PC, Team Fotress 2 is requiered)
The 2009 Team Fortress 2 experience with some new stuff like the civilan class and 4 teams gamemodes and increased player limite up to 64.

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SRB2Kart (PC)
If you are tired playing the same Mario Kart maps over and over, or if you loved MK on SNES/GBA you should check out that game.
It's Mario Kart clone done on the Doom engine, and all the content/maps/characters are community made.

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Killer Instinct (Windows 10 & Xbone)
A fighting game with really good combos/defense mechanics and gameplay.
The Free version only include one rotating character, but sometime, whole game is $10 during sales on Steam/Xbox/Windows Store.

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Paladins (PC, Switch, Xbone & PS4 with crossplay)
One of Overwatch competitor to try to rival Team Fotress 2.
Somehow a really decent Hero Shooter FPS were you have to capture a point and push a wagon to the objective.
A really nice TF2Lite !
Also, there's crossplay.

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Fantasy Strike (PC, Switch,PS4)
A fighting game for beginners, with special attack that arrive with one button press.
If you are interested in fighting game, but never played any, it's totally worth checking out !
(You have to pay to play against a friend)

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Okay, in the mood to make a thread about free games you should try out.

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