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I just remember how many of my friends asked "When you'll get a Gui fursuit?"

I don't think i wanna get one right now, i'm too scared about taking care of it.
But i do have a 3D model for VRchat/NeosVR/ChillOutVR, and i totally need to play those more often. :>

Thinking about this one time i was watching Mr Bean on a crappy pc, and the video froze on that one exact frame.

I keep having dream of me going to a store to buy shovelware/shareware CDs, and then i wake up remembering those don't exist anymore. :c


Ah yes, the floating bunny and the anchor bird !

Commission for @/OlliePuffs and @/AvianAdipose on twitter

Ferr looking at you
Pixelated portrait for wixterbadger (account contain fat/inflation)


Wave back at this big doggo !
Commission for Swissy on FA

Look it's Ginge for PSX !
3D commission for tw/GingeraleDragon

Saw Skunktober was trending, so i doodled Skunk Gui !
(No fart joke please)

Small message about the commissions, and about how i sadly couldn't accept everyone

>Play a Battle Royale game, and there a "Upgrade your character with 10 of the same powerup" quest.
>In a solo match, get in a fight with an opponent.
>Third one arrive and taunt.
>We both stop fighting and taunt back.
>We gather and make a pile of powerup of same type.


Idea of stream when i get a better PC:
Eyetoy play, but camera is a VRC/NeosVR stream, where i play as my own avatar.
WarioWare Smooth Move, but in VR

Commissions open!
I'll leave the form open for 2 days !

Not opening yet, but.
Just updated my price sheet for 3D models.
Please let me know if the site doesn't work for you !


Dragon turn into a round friend !
Small animation for Doveux

Been working on some SRB2Kart sprites again, currently making Riptor from Killer Instinct.

Been a long time i wanted to make Drohikarme as a 3D lowpoly model.

Something i never shared here before, some Intermission/voting screens i drew for a SRB2Kart server !

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