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"I Wanna Take You for a Ride"
For Splatologist on Twitter

Drew for Inklias cause i felt like drawing him. :>

"I Wanna Take You for a Ride"
For Splatologist on Twitter

I'm telling myself i wouldn't have animated if i didn't had the support i had since last 2 years, i love you all !

I hope i would get more motivation to draw next year, i forgot that some of you want to commission me, and i feel bad about it.

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Also, was worth wearing my Furcon badge while going there.
Someone from a Team Fortress 2 community recognized my name from 10 years ago and somehow was blown away to see me.

1 day before tournament:
Damn, i shouldn't have participated to fighting games tournaments, i know i will loose directly and i won't go far...

1 day after the tournament:
I had so much fun, i somehow managed to beat some opponents,i'm sure i can get at a better place next time!

I keep thinking to get better at fighting games right now, i manage to beat 1 or 2 opponents each time in tournament where i used to beat none.

I feel bad for not practicing enough, but i'm getting pumped up each time i lost in tournaments most of the time now.

Back from Nantarena. (Fighting game tournament in France)
Even if i didn't got far, i need to play more often !

My hype isn't the same as Smash 4, but i'm sure i won't be disappointed in term of Gameplay.

I'm really hype for Smash Ultimate, just looking for the combo remind me of Project M/Melee.
I wonder if i will play with a Gamecube controller, my feel like dying.

I'm upset to think i would probably never go to MFF or Anthrocon of my life...

Felt like drawing Gui with a more anthro anatomy.

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Artifact looked so good for a card game...
But the forced micro transaction ruined it by a lot for a game you have to buy.

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