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I didn't expected i would love playing MORDHAU that much, i bough it 10 days ago, and i allready have around 40 hours on it.

I expected that i would get bored after 2 hours, but no.
It's what i wanted Chivalry to be gameplay wise.
It feel way more polished !
I like the Chamber system a lot.

Sorry for the lack of drawing, i'm not in the mood to draw right now sadly...

Game and dlc that i'm looking forward:
-Doom Eternal
-Watch Dogs Legion
-Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled.
-Banjo-Kazoie and the Hero for Smash Bros
-The For Honor event
-Maybe the Spyro game
-Turok on Switch
-Cyberpunk 2077 maybe
-Psychonauts 2
-Certainly not Chivalry II

MORDHAU is fun.
A bit too unforgiving, but it's fun, better than Chivalry Medieval Warfare by miles tho !

Something that piss me off with the straight pride flag is how it look like the Brittany flag...

Quelque chose que je déteste avec le drapeau de Straight pride est le fait que ça ressemble au drapeau breton...

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I realised i get more and more bird followers ! <3

I'm happy i changed my sona to a Rooster. <3

After Confuzzled and Fauntastic, here come Post Con Depression ! :C

AHHHHHHH ,CFz is arriving at lightspeed at this point !!!
Who i'll met there?

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