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I love the spoiler feature of Mastodon !

Gonna post some of my fav artwork of my chicken in armor !

Artwork by TyromeArts ,InfinityNebula ,SpeccyChicken and Reddline_

I literally just drew a back view of that one drawing just to make a Neos Vr avatar. :v

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I am no longer a chicken (Sorry all avians that followed me for that), instead, i'll be a Grumpus and this is my grumpusona !

I hate those who can't understand that "Be clear with instructions" doesn't mean removing the mask, even more when I'm extremely close to them.

The instruction was "Put the bananas on the end of the fruit table"

Someone asked me to draw ToxiGoat.
Here's a chonk goat for you then !

Good new: Finally got my new tablet to replace the wacom i had !

Bad new: I was so used to draw with the Wacom tablet (without a screen) that i now have to get used to draw on it. (I didn't practice traditional arts since way too long, woops.)

Oh yeah, here's the Dead rat !
(I never played Mad Rat Dead but listened to the soundtrack a lot)

My sense of humor 10 years ago: "That Homer is dead comic isn't even funny, why it get so much attention?"

My sense of humor now:

I stopped playing Club Penguin and Dofus the second i saw the "Premium" word.

I stopped playing Burnout Paradise when i saw the dlc that add cool car.

I found it depressing how TF2 turned into a Marketplace.

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