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And commissions closed ! :>

It filled up so fast omg.


Hey, don't drink the Borbification potion.
Worse mistake of my life.

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After almost 15 years without one, I finally have a well defined fursona, I’m so happy! 💜

(huge thanks to Jacfox for designing and drawing it for me

"Place the device on the ground then lie on your stomach with your arms at your sides.
Assume the party escort submission position or you will miss the party"

I'm just thinking when i tried to find out to get into that position in game.

Je suis tellement tenté de changé mon pseudo en "Poulet Breizhé".

Mon pseudo de base me fais cringe quand je l'entend vocalement. x)

Fatfur / Inflation 

Ahah, that dragon got way fatter ! :V

For fixerdragon on FA

I was almost done with a commission like literally 95% done.
Had to fix something really quick and the software SAVED and CRASHED at the same time, even the generated backup file got corrupted.

Just lost 4 hours of works lol

Deltarune spoiler 

"Hey you, you know what kind of roller coaster is this? Well do ya?"

Yup, Berdly is my favorite character.

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Fatfur / Really fat 

Look at that fat donkey !

For @EnergyUnit

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