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Small simple animation how delaying some limbs keyframes can give a bit of physics to them and make the animation more alive.

I'm also sorry to be slow at opening commissions and i feel bad about those who are still waiting, i'v done way too many giftarts for the one i really likes, i'm glad that i see so many patient clients waiting for me to open. <3

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An animation for valentine day.
I don't have a loved one (yet), but i'm really thanksfull for everyone that stayed arround me for years, even how grumpy and stupid i was. <3
I always forgot to say it, but thank you so much for all the support you gave me.
I met so many cool friends in videogames/forums/chatrooms/conventions or just here.
I'm really sorry about the ones i didn't interacted enought or said i would play with but never did.

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I recieved a lot of "You didn't ruined him, you improved him".
So i did a quick doodle of chonk Full Moon Viktor with chonk Drogoz.

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Just wanted to let everyone that joined the stream that i'm so thanksfull for you to come, i had so much fun on PowerBomberman ! <33333

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Shoutout to artist that have their gallery linked to their twitter profile.

I glad i can follow you somewhere else than here ! <3

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