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Pet peeve of mine is artists not using the ref sheet that the client provided, but instead use an two years old drawing with the wrong color and such.

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Sorry for the lack of art, been feeling a bit down those days.

Allright, i'll do the quick top ten:
1: Team Fortress 2
2: Worms Armageddon
3: Guacamelee !
4: Killer Instict
5: Skullgirls
6: Duke Nukem 3D
7: Sonic All Star Racing Transformed
8: Mystical Ninja Starring Ganbare Goemon
9: Unreal Tournament 99
10: TrackMania United Forever

I realized why i hate myself, i'm someone so quiet that i feel like i'm not part of a group when in a voice chat.
Okay my turn!
I remember the week after i discover the screencap on the computer.
Most of the computer at school had no wallpaper, i had the brillant idea to:
>Take a screenshot
>Open MS paint
>Pretending to ruin the computer
>Classmates are in panics and call the teacher
>Delete the icons on MS-Paint
>Teacher is coming
>Close Ms-Paint
>Software freeze with the penis on screen
And that how i got in trouble, because i got caught drawing a penis on the computer.

Wanted to try making a sprite inspired by Metal Slug today. :v
For Stonerabbit on FA

Today on Dnd, when i was attacking some enemy from a 150F/45m cliff:
I'v done 4 damage (1d8) with my crossbow.
He threw a rock, critical hit, got knocked and fell down the cliff for 47 damage (15d6).

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