Another thing i did with OpenMPT and the Jazz Jackrabbit soundfont.

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thanks, Youtube, for putting that timestamp there :V

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Today I finished my very first full-synth track! (and 3rd original track ever)

It was made entirely with :

I’m still a beginner at music making so it’s not very good, but I had a lot of fun making it, and will definitely do it again!

I have no one to wish valentine day with, so i'll wish you all happy valentine day, i wouldn't have been in that fandom for so long without you! <3

(Feel free to edit: )

Gonna open commission in two hours !

Got myself Blazblue Centralfiction on Switch. :>

Thinking to main Nine , Kagura or Taokaka.

More color swap, the first four are based on my OCs.

Thinking to do more of those, give me your ref, i might do some for you guys !

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happy birthday to the awesome & lovely @Toxicoow

One of the sweetest people I know

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