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Kent got his wish granted, getting bigger !
Tho, i don't know how to help when he felt.
For SharkBubble2

Hey, wanted to say sorry about taking so much time to open commissions, didn't felt that well mentally to open them.
I'm making an announcement that i will open my commissions at 4 PM CET / 10 AM EST , i will take 5 slots.
Price list:

Just thinking when i was a kid, i used to love going to McDonald, was like the happiest memories.

Now, i just feel bad when i know how most employees are treated there.

Inflation / Fatfur 

Chairo accidentally dropped their staff, oh no !
Now they inflate uncontrollably.

*Go to local pizza place and see the employees wearing mask, but the nose isn't covered*
Oh no
*See one employee wearing the mask on his neck*

I love whoever mod to put their fursona into video-games !

Bok bok, i need to interact more here !

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