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Finished TMNT : Shredder's Revenge for a second time, and this time, i beat the story in hard with some pals, also one chad had to finish the boss while we were all dead !

I'm kinda tempted to make a Instagram account for art, but that site stink to me.

Spayke the Dragon
Only my first fans will regonize them ! (Was one of the first character i actually made on Deviantart)

Just checking my timeline after drawing for hours and just WTF.

Made a reference sheet for Drohikarme the Kobold, i realized i never made one in the past !

I should remake some ref sheets for some of my old character for Art-Fight.
I don't even know why my half assed gnoll managed to get so much attention. :V

Look like Heroes of Newerth will die in a few hours, shame i didn't play the game enough years ago.
Also, did doodle an Armadon PNG-tuber avatar that was for my today stream.

Streaming a Moba, Heroes of Newerth, before the server shutdown.

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eye contact 

I've made something much more in accordance to this month. Also, since I'm like, questioning myself since years (and still searching about my own identity), I feel the need to put a more, let's say "visual" update.

I'll be streaming Heroes of Newerth tomorrow, it will be the last day to play the game till the server shut down.
at 20:00 CET / 7 PM BST / 2PM EST

Thank you all for those who showed on stream today !
Sadly didn't had good fps performance on the retro fps. XvX
But i appreciate the amount of people joining during the pinball part !

Beated Sonic Advance 3 !
Not gonna bother with the Chaos Emerald tho.
I can say the trilogy have rock solid pixelarts, glad i catched up with the last two Sonic Advance games on emulation and find out what i missed on the GBA games.

I need to think of a cute thing to draw with two character.
Something else than "Fursona sitting on your friend"
Any suggestion? :v

So, it started smelling like smoke in my room, and the thing that started burning was my fan, WTF.
Welp, look like i have to buy a new one tomorrow and survive the heat. :I

It's the main character from Texan Soda 64 !

Lowpoly commission for TexanSoda (Account containt fattness)

I miss talking to some of my friends sometime, doesn't help to see them having fun together on your favorite game while you can't even ask to join them.

Trying to save the chicks for millions points on that Chicken Pinball !

Kinda hyped about Street Fighter 6 and the Tmnt game !

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