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I've slightly update my refsheet. A longer muzzle and some small color change. 🐊🦦

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Hi, I'm a , , and soft weirdo. :3

I ( and ), play ( button ), play video games and sometimes I all of this. :D

I love music, furry stuff, shitty jokes, sleeping and eating (pizza <3).

I draw mostly in a style.

My website with some :

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Seems like it's so here you go hehe, pictures by @Reptifur (left) and (right)

Look what he (@birbcaw on twitter) found! :D 🔪 🐺

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My partner got a commission!!!!!! It's AMAZING

Time to get ready for the big night!! Featuring @maolfunction !!

Art by @gotsomehaps on twitter dot com

Don't worry it's just a fake background for the picture, he lives in a big house with a pool. 🦘 :3

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