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Hi, I'm a , , and soft weirdo. :3

I ( and ), play ( button ), play video games and sometimes I all of this. :D

I love music, furry stuff, shitty jokes, sleeping and eating (pizza <3).

I draw mostly in a style.

My website with some :

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I just received the PCBs for the low-profile mechanical keyboard project I’m doing with @Hiro and @Reptifur.
I’m super excited, everything went well! (this is my first PCB design and order)

The other keyboard on the photos is my Typematrix that I’m trying to replace with this project.

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I wanted to know how the keyboard feels so I assembled it and put all the switches and keycaps (no electronics yet). I’m very happy with the result! It’s cute, the sound is good and it doesn’t bend *at all*.

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Just playing a bit in #Krita. Really have to practice some more. I used to be better at this :(
Still. If anybody likes this mastodon, it's fair use. #MastoArt

Je viens de voir qu'il avait les dents de devant en haut complètement de travers. :x

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