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New avatar, drawn by @Reptifur !

There are so many cool cartoon artists (and other kinds as well of course!) on the fediverse… I wish I had money to commission them all. 😢

Coucou les mastonautes, j'aurais une question pour les personnes de Rennes. Je recherche un.e médecin.e traitant.e sur Rennes, qui soit trans-friendly et sympa si possible.

Si vous avez des noms je suis preneuse, merci d'avance !

Help, I want to write a COMFY-RISCV assembler, and then rewrite the in this assembly langage…

And since qemu now support RISC-V mainline, I can use it as a VM/IR like LLVM would be (with qemu-user), but it would also work as-is on hardware…

I wanted to do this for a while, but intel assembly and binary encoding put me off very quickly…

@freedombox After the dot com era of 1997-2001 a consensus emerged that "nobody will pay for web services". It was out of this consensus that the web 2.0 systems like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail were born.

Web 2.0 introduced a critical "moral hazard" in which the user of the web service was no longer the customer. They were merely bait for the real customers who were advertisers. This separation is the source of many of the problems of the current internet.

By making web services something which individuals or communities can run we can bring the interests back into line again and make advertising something not needed or which is peripheral rather than being the main concern.

huion's mascot is cute af more tech companies need this level of kemono bait

I started looking at during holidays, so I could escape the frenzy of family meetings.

In a few days I have read the whole report draft and implemented an interpreter… I think I’m hooked.

It feels exactly the same way than when I discovered some years ago. Awesome magic backed by beautiful mathematical concepts.

Very cool remix of “Human Music” from Rick and Morty, I can’t stop listening to it… ^^'

How to draw:
1: Start by drawing something bad.
2: Change it until it becomes good.

Can't do step 2 without doing step 1 first.

so @Lobst put my 90s skater-punk fursona into Tony Hawk's Pro Skater as a holiday gift and I have not stopped hollering since I fired it up

XMPP<->Matrix bridging is working pretty well; feels a bit like making First Contact! Here's as seen from the side. In theory #_xmpp_<server>_<localpart> should let you join any MUC. #XMPP #35C3

discord combines all the stuff I hate about technology:
- javascript
- electron
- proprietary
- unreliable
- spyware
- bloat

it's like someone designed this to fuck me up as much as possible

Moved on to painting the colours. Long way to go yet, but it's getting there. And doggo is still waaaaaay too done with your shit...

#art #artoot #mastoart #creativetoot #dogs #digitalart

Les 4 libertés du logiciel libre souvent oubliées. Merci #wordpress pour cette piqûre de rappel de la #GPL !in !tw

So? when is all the porn of tumblr coming to masto, I am waiting.

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