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There has been lots of hype for Beat Saber, I kinda thought it was nice but seeing people play the game didn't quite convinced me…

On the other hand, Synth Riders man, it's really neat

Weather balloon 

Chaotic made me draw a balloon!
Commission for 2Chaotic on twitter

α‘­ α‘Œ α–‡ α‘­ α’ͺ E πŸ’œ
πŸ’œ α‘­ α‘Œ α–‡ α‘­ α’ͺ E
α‘­ α‘Œ α–‡ α‘­ α’ͺ E πŸ’œ
πŸ’œ α‘­ α‘Œ α–‡ α‘­ α’ͺ E
#mastoart #art #digitalart #aesthetic #painting #purple #blue #pastelcolors

Open to see full pic πŸ‘€
#mastoart #art #aesthetic #digitalart #painting #moon #cyberpunk #wallpaper

Do you remember how long it took you to learn to write when you were in school, and what that involved? Copying letters over and over and over while your hand and fingers strengthened and got used to the movements?

Drawing/painting/other-forms-of-crafting are no different. You're learning a new skill; give yourself space to grow and be patient while you learn. You might be bad at first but that's fine, you're allowed to be. Keep going. Practice is part of the process. πŸ’ͺ


Belly, Tailmaw 

Thought it would be fun to draw the Dragonflora i modeled for vrchat

i might be attached cause its a really cute species.

We doin' SCIENCE 😈
πŸ‘ @Tanaphor
🎨 @/Kosseart (Twitter)
merciiii πŸ™


I can’t believe I forgot to post that awesome piece I got from HearthFox!! (

It made me cry when I got it πŸ’œ

Heya! I'm BlurTheFur or Blur. My sonas are a toon (Hif) and a wyvern (Vern).
He/Him pronouns

I'm furry and kink artist. I draw stuff like Macro/micro, Vore, Pooltoy, Hyper, toons, and fantasy art. And probably other stuff not listed here. Kinks are with tags/CW, of course!
I stream on Thursdays and like doing things to support the fandom!

I'm also a musician and lover of video game music and classical music, mostly. I play a couple of instruments, but my favorite is the piano.


I want to start posting art around here. I don’t have a lot of experience yet but I’m working hard!

Here are my two latest digital drawings:
- @Reptifur getting lured by some pizza
- My own character being squeaky


I should post more art around here, I haven’t been very active lately. 🀐

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