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I should participate to but like every time I’m doing a game jam, I doubt my ability to make anything… This is exhausting… 😩

google is terrified of the AGPL and it's hilarious

"The license places restrictions on software used over a network which are extremely difficult for Google to comply with. Using AGPL software requires that anything it links to must also be licensed under the AGPL. Even if you think you aren’t linking to anything important, it still presents a huge risk to Google because of how integrated much of our code is."

Pango (indirectly) removed support for old bitmap fonts formats by switching from Freetype to HarfBuzz. 😭

I’ve been playing irish/folk music almost exclusively these last few weeks.

Today I took a break from that and played all the classical tunes I learned over the years from my cello lessons. I’m exhausted now… 😆

Neoliberal Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Give folks X amount a month
- Remove the social safety net (free healthcare, etc.) “because now there’s UBI”

Progressive Universal Basic Income (UBI):

- Pay everyone a living wage
- Also keep the social safety net

Very different things.

one of the ways capitalism tricks us into complicity in our oppression is thru the idea that we are solely responsible for the contents of our minds, which our dominant vulgar cartesianism imagines as causally isolated islands inaccessible from the outside. social structures are neither 'out there' nor 'in here': it's both, and there's no border between

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Hi, I'm a , , and soft weirdo. :3

I ( and ), play ( button ), play video games and sometimes I all of this. :D

I love music, furry stuff, shitty jokes, sleeping and eating (pizza <3).

I draw mostly in a style.

My website with some :

Hello :3
I broke my Pleroma instance so I’m going to use this one instead!

Hey, I moved to a different instance! Please follow me over there as well! ♥


Well, now that’s motivating! ♥

Please give nice feedback to your open-source devs! They are human too you know.

Doing cello is my medicine, it instantly makes me happy and the effect lasts for the whole day…

I’ll have to tell my psychiatrist to stop the useless antidepressant and prescribe me with a daily dose of music making. 🎵 🎻

I have to try out Wayland and wio, and port / remake my ACME clone for it.

I want to make a psychedelic drum&bass track, but I have no idea where to start…

Phiew! I’m back home at last! I had a really great time at the CHICKEN meeting. I’ll talk about it in the next blog post.

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