Today I finished my very first full-synth track! (and 3rd original track ever)

It was made entirely with :

I’m still a beginner at music making so it’s not very good, but I had a lot of fun making it, and will definitely do it again!

Calculs approximatifs =

Acheter un CD à 20€ ≈ 4€ pour l'artiste
Acheter un CD à 10€ ≈ 2€ pour l'artiste

Acheter un album numérique sur bandcamp à 20€ ≈ 16€ pour l'artiste
Acheter un album numérique à 10€ sur bandcamp ≈ 8€ pour l'artiste
Acheter un album numérique sur bandcamp à 1€ ≈ 80 cents pour l'artiste

Lire un album sur spotify & co avec un abonnement à 10€/mois ≈ 0.03-0.06€ pour l'artiste
Lire un album sur youtube ≈ 0.01€ pour l'artiste.

#musique #bandcamp #spotify #youtube

I want to get good at music composition so I can make people feel good and relax!

One of my project is to mix electronic sounds (synths, chiptunes) with cello to make chill music. 🎶

@vertigo @loke @kragen @fribbledom You should take a look at old structural editors (from InterLISP for example)! The early ones looked a lot like ed, but to navigate and edit s-expressions instead of text.

@vertigo do it do it! It’s fun! ^^ (I’m currently making a Kernel (the Scheme-like language) implementation in RISC-V assembly)

@ebarrett I’m glad too! It was quite a stressful experience! 😔

@ebarrett I found the cause!!!! Oh my god it’s so silly!

This message is the index.xhtml of an other website I host! For some reason there is a cache collision and it appeared for every "GET /" on the server!

@ebarrett The resolver for this machine is the local resolver of the network, I didn’t configure anything special for nginx.

@ebarrett A backup is running as we speak. But I don’t feel really qualified to find out what the problem is. :(

When I disable nginx’s cache, the message disapears.

@ebarrett Also, this message appears on *every* site I host, when the URL path is "/"

@ebarrett It is yes, and this page doesn’t exist in the static files.

@ebarrett I can’t think of any thing else than an exploit yeah… :/

I haven’t tried decoding them, but I found one file in my file system that has this message, and its’s an nginx cache entry.

Hey guys! I need help, my web server (nginx) default page is all messed up, with a very very weird message on it, anyone seen this before?

" Nothing there anymore! But the future’s ever changing, and something might appear there, someday! "

My log is filled with very odd stuff:

Wow, this NYT opinion video isn't pulling any punching with Facebook.

Admittedly it's quite easy to see why journos tend to despise the platform.

Patreon (or the likes) for receiving donations as the developer of a few small FOSS projects? Is it a good idea? What kind of perks would be interesting, appropriate?

To make sure you don't miss them, here are the two announcements from our blog post published yesterday:

- Liberapay now supports 33 currencies! You should update your currency preferences if you haven’t done it yet:

- SEPA Direct Debits are back! If you were previously unable to renew a Euro donation because you don't have any credit or debit card, you should be able to renew it now if you have a Euro bank account:

@ceralor Yes yes yes yes! Make music! It’s the best thing in the world! ♥

I hope you’ll have fun! Don’t worry when it gets hard, just take all the time you need. 😁

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