@doxxy Oooh hey, it’s you! I didn’t know you were around here! :D
We met in Neos, I have an awtter as well (among other things)!

@tfb Awesome! :D Glad you can play again, I remember it’s been hard for you since the pandemic.
Has your local session resumed?

Also, hey, I haven’t been too active around here… I’m not great at keeping in touch with other people ^^'
I spent most of summer working on my lisp system (Vibrisse), but my mood has been swinging a lot since september, it’s starting to get a bit better I guess.

I restarted taking cello lessons and my Irish session in resuming next week! :D

After almost 15 years without one, I finally have a well defined fursona, I’m so happy! 💜

(huge thanks to Jacfox for designing and drawing it for me twitter.com/jac_fox)

@Toxicoow You really are, it’s great! Very good job :3

Rubber/Latex art, no nudity 

@DarkOverord Oh damn 👀 I love BinturongBoy’s art, this one is awesome!

@lauraritchie Also I miss Irish sessions, and playing with others in general 😔

Made myself a second one :3 This one is linear non clicky non tactile and quite light (35g), it's very pleasant !

@lauraritchie I do! Although these last few months have been tough, motivation is a bit low.
I should probably start a new and difficult piece. ^^

My cello teacher released an electro track for the first time, it’s really cool! Please have a listen. :3


@solene I’ve used my Thinkpad X40 until 2016. The most annoying thing was not the lack of RAM of CPU speed, but software dropping old OpenGL support. :/

I replaced it with an X250 that I hated: unstable, brittle plastic, random battery life, very noisy…
Now I have the MNT Reform and
my desktop computer is a thin client. As usual, only the web is slow on, everything else is fine.

Just flashed Libreboot on my old Macbook from 2006 :D (fun fact: I mistakenly put a Windows 10 SSD inside it and it ran just fine)

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