More autistic representation where we aren't jerks please

and also more neurodivergent people who aren't serial killers while we're at it

Trying to write some little programs with Comfy-RV now that it works well enough. Here, a program that just displays all its arguments, including its own name.
#theWorkshop #riscv #lisp #assembly

Fixed a bunch of problems in the generation of jump instructions in Comfy-RV this morning, phiew…
I also have a call, tail-call and return macros that work now. 😁
#theWorkshop #riscv #lisp #assembly

Big ball of #scheme.

This visualizes dependencies between sample implementations in SRFIs obtained by grepping the Git repositories for `(srfi [0-9]+)` and cleaning up false positives. Some not so serious insights (the data is most certainly biased and incorrect):

- Only SRFIs above 100 have sample implementations relying on other SRFIs
- SRFI-146, SRFI-165 and SRFI-207 have the most dependencies (still less than npm packages though)
- SRFI-1, SRFI-145 and SRFI-151 are most depended on
- Some SRFIs are dependency islands, suggesting that they form libraries on top of each other

This leads to a contempt for the past. Too much of what was created in the last fifty years is gone because no one took care to preserve it.

Today I implemented the alt (similar to || in C), while and if operators in Comfy-RV #riscv #lisp #assembly #theWorkshop

I really love how everything is so simple to write with explicit continuations (the last two arguments of the `compile` procedure: win and lose). And De Morgan’s law to implement alt as a composition of the existing seq (&&) and not. As a bonus, the code generated by this is the most optimal one.

for the programming tutorial we've been working on a scheme/SDL playground called interscheme (based on chibi scheme)

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@Tanaphor Baaaah! 🐑 trop mignon, hâte de voir ce que ça va donner :D

vegan food picture, cheese 

Toujours sur les fromages, j’ai testé quelque chose récemment. Sur les premières tentatives de camemberts, ceux qui n’avaient pas de croûte, j’en ai fait fumer. Ça donne ça, en coupe. Malheureusement, j’avais laissé affiner trop longtemps, et ce n’était pas aussi bon que ce que j’aurais voulu. Mais je pense qu’il y a quelque chose à développer par là.

#vegan #veganCheese

Spent about 18 hours this week working on my COMFY-RV project, an assembly-like language for RISC-V embedded in Lisp inspired by Henry Baker’s design.
I haven’t done much with it yet, but doing low-level programming really is relaxing for me.

(example code in the screenshot is just a program that writes back what it reads on standard input)

@andya Yeah @Hiro and I made this footprint. I was a little scared that it would go wrong at the factory, but all went well! Also, one thing that really made me more comfortable that things would work was printing the PCBs on paper and trying the components on, to check that everything fits.

@andya I ordered a sample of all choc switches to make my decision, and for a laptop I think the red or browns are the best options, the jade are very noisy.

@loke @andya any specific thing you want to know?

Since I wanted to be able to press any combination of keys, I based my keyboard on this:

@loke @andya Yep I made one, I fount it pretty easy and relaxing to build, but I had some prior knowledge about electronics and soldering.

Feeling productive today! Have sorted out the basic layout of the switches of my #keyboard in #kicad. How lovely that KiCad saves the files as plain text and by writing some code I have all the switches and their angles exactly how I want them!

Huge thanks to @Kooda for the inspiration to try something like this and for sharing the KiCad files so I could get started so easily.

Next step is to start connecting the switches and LEDs. Will putting an LED under each switch prove to be a nightmare?

@andya Awesome! It’s nice to see more keyboards with these switches, they are really nice. Do you already know what variant you’ll be using? I went for the “jade” ones with the thick click bar, which adds a big tactile feedback.

Glad my KiCad project was useful for someone else!

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