@mntmn oooh cool! I wasn’t aware of these! I would love to try them on my keyboard, I can’t find a source for Kailh’s ones these days.

A wholesome story three goblins leaving their village in search for a better life.

Ok, dear fellow #retroists...

I have a wonderful latex template for writing letters.

I'd like to replicate this with troff in the hopes of getting rid of the gigabyte toolchain behind texlive-full (which is excellent in itself, no bashing here).

Any experiences in that?

Please spread this.

@ckeen No idea about troff, but maybe you could try it in Postscript?

A friend of mine who teaches elementary school, taught her class, “don’t yuck my yum”

It was like a class mantra, all the kids knew and understood the phrase. So, if a kid brought a bean burrito for lunch, and another kid said “gross! I hate beans” burrito-kid could just say “don’t yuck my yum”

It became the perfect phrase when one student liked something another student hated it. Quickly, it moved from the tangible (food, smells, textures) to the intangible (music, religion, quality)

By the end of the year “don’t tuck my yum” was woven into the culture of the class. They actually used the phrase LESS by then, because yuckers would check themselves before tearing anyone down.

And that class of second graders moved to third, secure in the knowledge that it’s ok to love the things you love, even if other people don’t.

@ashledombos @Hiro @Reptifur @Cairn_Devices yes it is open-source, but the repo is a bit of a mess, it’s my first KiCAD project after all.

I don’t think it would suit a laptop very well, it was designed to be easily assembled and soldered by hand (almost every component is through-hole) so a lot of the space at the top is lost.
Better look at @mntmn Reform’s one (which is a whole open-source laptop, and the keyboard uses the same switches as ours).

@neauoire big nostalgia hit from this…
I had an old man sharing computer things with me when I was a kid, but I can barely remember him, my memory isn’t so great… He probably passed away as well.
I also miss the days I went to the linux user group meeting of my city every week…

@ashledombos @Hiro @Reptifur Do you want to know anything in particular?
We designed the circuit and circuit boards, got them made by a prototyping company, ordered the components and assembled everything. :)


mental health, meta 

@zigg oh well… that explains that… :|

mental health, meta 

Today’s mental health learning: depression destroys memory. plain-flavoured-english.tumblr

Related: I couldn’t post this without thinking “oh is this another one of those things you saw on the Internet and reworked your memories (or lack thereof, in this case 😆) to fit? more mental health cyberchrondia?” Glad I talked to my therapist about this recently; she set me straight on this front.

@andya The switches are Kailh Choc (v1) and the caps are also from Kailh and only work on these switches, they are *not* Cherry compatible.
I bought both from Novelkeys, but it looks like they are out of stock of pretty much everything right now.
I want to make more of these keyboards in the future, and I’ll try to order directly from Kailh.


My brain is exploding after playing with github.com/nakst/flip. I've been looking for years for a simple pedagogical OS that boils things down to their essence and is yet easy to get running on any computer.

I've always had a question in my mind about how to bootstrap the OS. I knew about BIOS but vaguely considered it "cheating" when compared to the "purer" way of working within the processor's ISA. But I'm starting to realize that BIOS is _part of the ISA_.

Mu will soon drop Linux. Watch.

The (by @Hiro @Reptifur and I) is finished… and it works! I’m using it right now to type this message. :D
I’m very very happy with it. This is the perfect replacement for my old Typematrix that has nonfunctional rows and keys…

@dotUser @Hiro @Reptifur you probably can! I’m very inexperienced and my iron is an unregulated 450°C one. Yet I found it quite easy!

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