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Today I finished my very first full-synth track! (and 3rd original track ever)

It was made entirely with :

I’m still a beginner at music making so it’s not very good, but I had a lot of fun making it, and will definitely do it again!

Yaay! I got Ensemble (my client) to work on my ancient (2009) Maemo smartphone!

Now to make the necessary changes so that it doesn’t drain the battery or data too fast (I have a 50MB data plan on this thing 😛)

New avatar, drawn by @Reptifur !

There are so many cool cartoon artists (and other kinds as well of course!) on the fediverse… I wish I had money to commission them all. 😢

Little music I made for my game. It’s not really polished or well recorded, but I’m quite happy. 🙂

Made with the DAW

Received the batch of switches for the I’m making with @Hiro 😀

I can’t wait finishing this project, my 10 years old Typematrix is really starting to wear out, and these switches feel awesome!

client interface revamping is coming along great. ^^
New release very soon!

some work on the Ensemble client.

Todo for this session:
- Improve the new windowing system
- Rework some key bindings
- Start working on multi-profile support

All that while listening to the new Pandrezz and Chiptunes=WIN releases. :)

5.0.0 release candidate 1 is now available!

Major changes:
- core modules layout
- full numeric tower support by default
- declarative packaging system
- deployment as static binaries has been made super easy (just a build switch)
- reproducible builds, for CHICKEN itself and any code built with it!

More info here:

Full list of changes here:

Download it here:

Result from yesterday’s stream: did my first complex shape work with and

I made the bees from Butine, long term goal is to rewrite most of Butine as GLSL shaders so I can do all sorts of cool effects (and have loads of stuff on screen)!

Found back this old drawing of me by a very good friend. ♥

Very first somewhat serious music release from @Reptifur and I.

It’s a sound postcard of Le Tambour, an auditorium in Rennes, using sounds recorded there.

LOUD, flashing images 

Since we can’t directly upload audio files on Mastodon, I’ve been looking for simple visualizations.

Turns out ffmpeg has a bunch of filters to do exactly that! When I found out about 'avectorscope' I had to try it on the Mushroom music by Jerobeam Fenderson.

Original video (on a real oscilloscope!):

Sound source:

I’ve been streaming a little bit these last few days to test my setup.

I will soon resume working on that I will live.

I intend to do it at least once a week! Which day would work best for you all?

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