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Result from yesterday’s stream: did my first complex shape work with and

I made the bees from Butine, long term goal is to rewrite most of Butine as GLSL shaders so I can do all sorts of cool effects (and have loads of stuff on screen)!

Found back this old drawing of me by a very good friend. ♥

Very first somewhat serious music release from @Reptifur and I.

It’s a sound postcard of Le Tambour, an auditorium in Rennes, using sounds recorded there.

LOUD, flashing images 

Since we can’t directly upload audio files on Mastodon, I’ve been looking for simple visualizations.

Turns out ffmpeg has a bunch of filters to do exactly that! When I found out about 'avectorscope' I had to try it on the Mushroom music by Jerobeam Fenderson.

Original video (on a real oscilloscope!):

Sound source:

I’ve been streaming a little bit these last few days to test my setup.

I will soon resume working on that I will live.

I intend to do it at least once a week! Which day would work best for you all?

Resumed working on my client in these past two days. It’s starting to become quite usable, woohoo! \o/

Teaser screenshot:

I’m thinking of resuming live-streaming , and maybe some , next week.

Would anyone around here be interested in seeing that? What are your expectations on code streams? Do you have some tips about in general?

(pics are two projects I’m activelly working on these days: Butine, a like project and Ensemble, a client for the protocol)

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