Last attack of the year. Rushed it a bit to hit the deadline, but still quite happy with it. (for sinewavy on twitter)

New artwork. Very experimental style for me this time. Not too happy with the outcome it but it was a great way to practice!

New attack for ZipZapDidThat@birdsite

The most difficult artwork I’ve done so far. I had a lot of fun doing it!

Giving a shot this year! I’ve not been drawing for long but I’ll do my best and try to revenge every attack I get!

Bought a pen display… I used to hate digital art, now I love it!
(image is my first sketches made with it)

I’m going to try digital painting now. :3


I can’t believe I forgot to post that awesome piece I got from HearthFox!! (

It made me cry when I got it 💜

I want to start posting art around here. I don’t have a lot of experience yet but I’m working hard!

Here are my two latest digital drawings:
- @Reptifur getting lured by some pizza
- My own character being squeaky


Oh, hey there! I’m working on my new project. :3

Super cute art I just got from TardorJet ( Seeing it makes me so happy! ☺️

I made a skunk out of the Jellyfox base from Irix, I’m quite happy with how it turned out! :3

CW: implied post soft vore

Got this awesome pic on stream from Domom yesterday, I loooove seeing how different artists interpret my character ^^

I’ve been drawing quite a lot again these last few weeks. I’ve almost filled my 240 pages sketchbook that I’ve been dragging for a while, phiew…

Here are my very first squeaky doodles ever. 😳

Got some awesome pieces of art as christmas presents this year, I’m so happy! 😊

First two (black&white) by @Reptifur, last one (color) by

After almost 15 years without one, I finally have a well defined fursona, I’m so happy! 💜

(huge thanks to Jacfox for designing and drawing it for me

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