I can’t believe I forgot to post that awesome piece I got from HearthFox!! (

It made me cry when I got it 💜

I want to start posting art around here. I don’t have a lot of experience yet but I’m working hard!

Here are my two latest digital drawings:
- @Reptifur getting lured by some pizza
- My own character being squeaky


Oh, hey there! I’m working on my new project. :3

Super cute art I just got from TardorJet ( Seeing it makes me so happy! ☺️

I made a skunk out of the Jellyfox base from Irix, I’m quite happy with how it turned out! :3

CW: implied post soft vore

Got this awesome pic on stream from Domom yesterday, I loooove seeing how different artists interpret my character ^^

I’ve been drawing quite a lot again these last few weeks. I’ve almost filled my 240 pages sketchbook that I’ve been dragging for a while, phiew…

Here are my very first squeaky doodles ever. 😳

Got some awesome pieces of art as christmas presents this year, I’m so happy! 😊

First two (black&white) by @Reptifur, last one (color) by

After almost 15 years without one, I finally have a well defined fursona, I’m so happy! 💜

(huge thanks to Jacfox for designing and drawing it for me

I gave in to temptation, I ordered and received a tenor banjo. I’m pretty impressed by how it sounds for the price!
What’s nice is that I can play all the tunes I already know since the fingerings are basically the same as the cello! :3 I just have to learn to play with a plectrum now.

These last few days I started replaying an old game from my childhood, Dark Chronicles on PS2. I have very fond memory of this, and I still find it pretty cool today!
The one thing I didn’t remember is that there are a few quite… sexy… monsters! 😮

The (by @Hiro @Reptifur and I) is finished… and it works! I’m using it right now to type this message. :D
I’m very very happy with it. This is the perfect replacement for my old Typematrix that has nonfunctional rows and keys…

Today I worked a little on our (with @Hiro and @Reptifur) keyboard.
First time soldering an SMD component. Not the best job of course, but it wasn’t that hard! I just had to use a lot of flux!

The little socket is an 8-bit bus (or 5 lines + SPI bus) for external devices as well as initial programming. I tried programming it through that and it worked first try! :D

Next session will be soldering 70 diodes and 70 switches… x)

I wanted to know how the keyboard feels so I assembled it and put all the switches and keycaps (no electronics yet). I’m very happy with the result! It’s cute, the sound is good and it doesn’t bend *at all*.

I just received the PCBs for the low-profile mechanical keyboard project I’m doing with @Hiro and @Reptifur.
I’m super excited, everything went well! (this is my first PCB design and order)

The other keyboard on the photos is my Typematrix that I’m trying to replace with this project.

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