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Kooda Loutre @Kooda

Hey fediverse! Is anyone of you interested in or (or even in general)?

I’m starting to work on the manual of CHICKEN Scheme’s upcoming major release.

Do you have anything you would love to see in a manual or tutorial introduction? Any input in welcome!

(boost if you want to help a cool open-source project 😇)

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One thing that has me cringing, with every language, is the setup

I love when Emacs can really autocomplete, find references, maybe even rename all the references to a function you are renaming

That was hard with clojure, brutally hard with clojurescript, quite hard with Guile Scheme and I was never brave enough to explore the issue in Common Lisp

@Kooda also step debugging !!

That's awfully difficult in Guile !

Then, if your scheme has any strength point, show how to access that

@catonano I was planning on putting a simple emacs setup at the beginning of the tutorial, so you just confirm that it’s needed, thanks!

I don’t really know about the whole renaming thing you’re talking about, I will look into it a bit, but it seems difficult, as your identifiers might be used in many places the editor is not aware of, and that’s not even counting identifier renaming and namespacing…

A debugger has been added recently, but I don’t think there’s emacs support yet.

@Kooda real-world examples of real-world programs but whose code is not too idiomatic so beginners don't get freaked out :)

@hecate Any idea on what kind of real world programs? I never really know what kind of complexity is to be expected in introductory tutorials.

@Kooda sending / receiving JSON payloads for a public API, perhaps imdb or a weather API? :)

@Kooda sending / receiving JSON payloads for a public API, perhaps imdb or a weather API? :)

@hecate Like this for example? Maybe minus the whole authentication mess. upyum.com/en/post/5.xhtml

Is CHICKEN like an extension or variation of Scheme or something else?


@lea_eule It’s a Scheme toolchain! It has an interpreter, compiler and debugger. It also offers a lot of extensions to Scheme at the language level.

@Kooda You should totally have a reference to this classic talk: youtu.be/yL_-1d9OSdk 😂

Maybe in connection with call/cc?

@copacetic hehe, we know about this one already! :D
It even has its language and papers! torso.me/chicken

@Kooda Do you have anything to share about embedding Chicken? I've been using Guile as a game engine scripting language, but I'm looking for a crossplatform replacement.

@luksamuk It’s pretty straightforward, but requires some knowledge of C (I guess that’s to be expected for any language embedding). You can define Scheme functions that are callable from C with define-external, you can call C functions from Scheme with the FFI… Some complexity arises when you have to deal with multiple OS threads though.

Here are the most relevant pieces of doc:



@Kooda Something I love from Rust's book is that it starts out with instructions to set up a fully-functional, but small, interactive program: doc.rust-lang.org/nightly/book

It's a nice attention grabber and can start someone jumping into the manual to check neat stuff out.

@bb010g Thanks for the tip! It would be very easy since one of main points of lisp is to program in an interactive manner. :)