Hey fellow tooters, do you know any people around here interested in these topics? I’d love to chat about them, I don’t know who to follow!

- music composition
- electronic music, chiptune
- VJing, live digital performances
- indie video games
- demoscene
- hardware hack (softcore cpus, gpus…)
- programming language design
- operating system design
- drawing, painting
- crafts (woodworking, sewing…)

I probably forgot some of my interests there, but it’s a start!

Boost is appreciated. :3

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@Kooda one good way to find people is to search the #hashtags of some of these topics. Hashtags are extra important on #Mastodon since it doesn't have full text search... ☺

@mattcropp It doesn’t seem to work very well here. I guess my instance is not connected enough. :/

@Kooda I've noticed it's related to both how networked your instance is and how old your instance is. I can definitely find older hashtagged posts from my account that I can't find from this one. I think maybe you only see posts since your instance was created or federated?

Still worth hashtagging an intro post though, so others with similar interests can find you in the future...

@Kooda I like to draw, paint and create massive multiplayer performance art!

@Kooda hi i'm a video game music composer but i don't toot about that a lot

@squirrel Thanks! :3 I forgot to mention I like fuzzy creatures as well (if that wasn’t already obvious…). :’°

@Kooda I'm sorta a hacker by day but somehow I just recently discovered that chiptune and synth stuff is cool (maybe because I'm not a European ;) ).
I've been writing NES tunes using Famitracker, Genesis (probably Megadrive to you) tunes using DefleMask, SNES tunes using LMMS, and general synthwave stuff using Renoise.
Are you writing music at all? How can I hear it?

@eg0n I’m glad you discovered all that! ♥

I didn’t do much and never released anything yet.

I play cello, fiddle with LSDJ on gameboy, make crap tracks on LMMS and experiment with procedural music with CHICKEN Scheme and PureData. :)

@eg0n Oh, I guess you can hear some of that crap in the little games I dared to release!

There’s one more I should release but never got to make a nice and easy to use executable.

@Kooda Have you ever done demoscene stuff? I'm not really a hardware guy so I have no idea what I'm doing but I think it would be fun to write some tunes for some weird obsolete hardware that has massive capability restrictions :)

@eg0n Not yet, but I plan to do that very soon!

I wrote some code for the gameboy. It’s pretty easy and I love the sound of it.

@Kooda cool, will check it out! Also, later I will upload some of my stuff somewhere and share the link so you can hear my childish work.

@eg0n Awesome! I look forward to that. :)
I should post some stuff too… :Þ

@Kooda Er... I like video games in general, not just indie games if that counts.

@Kooda I'm into most of those things, but I don't bring them up very often unless prompted. You could follow me in order to be reminded that I exist and then poke me with those things to get me to talk about them? XD

@thor Ahahahaha! :D Sure! Maybe the things I’ll post will also make you want to share your stuff. :)

@Kooda Hi, I make games and paint as a hobby, enjoy listening to chiptunes, and would like to get into composition and woodworking! :>

Which software do you use for creating electronic music? :)

@Kooda lots of people at enjoy the hardware/programming/system stuff (and probably the rest of the list too)

@soapdog Whooah! Thanks! I’m always surprised (and proud) when people know about it!

Do you use it for any production stuff? :)

@Kooda I haven't used chicken scheme in a long while. These days I have been toying with racket. I am eager to return to scheme/racket but my days are mostly spent in JS, PHP and Lua

@Kooda and yes, you should feel proud, it is an awesome project!

@Kooda If you like drawing and indie video games, I recommend following
Alex @bit_aspect They post some excellent #pixelart

@bit_aspect @tim That’s indeed some very cool art! Thanks a lot! :D

@Kooda I'm into indie games, programmng language design and operating systems. would like to know more about elec music, but no experience

nice to meet you :)

@lea_eule Hi! Nice to meet you too!

I’ve been playing music for a while now, but I’m very new to composition.

@Kooda Cool. Did you ever try to get into #synthesizers and stuff?
I never figured out how to learn that stuff the right way. I'm still in the "has sth to do with sine waves" stage ;)

@lea_eule Yes! I wrote a very simple software synthesizer and I play a lot with LMMS and PureData.

If you never played with electronic music before, you should try PureData, it’s a very cool way to get into all this, and many resources about it are on the internet. :)

@Kooda Got you covered on music composition, software design, hardware hacking, and drawing/cartooning. Have you joined a maker space?

@Jefferson Nice! I hope to see some of your doing!

There are a few maker spaces in my city but I don’t participate in any… I know I should change that but it makes me a little bit anxious.

@Kooda i am interested in language and os design :3 you'll find a lot of people here who share those interests

@Kooda I'm an indie dev, and I do pixel art and draw. i also shitpost a lot so yeah!

@Kooda I'm trying to get into handicrafts more. I've done some small-scale woodworking and intend to do more soon, and also have been doing experiments with fabric dyeing using a modified batik-like method.

@Kooda Ey, muchos de esos también son mis intereses.


There are scheme and scheme-adjacent people here:

@arunisaac @rocx @taknamay @xj9 @lnxw48a1

Unless I'm mistaken, @davexunit is a core Guile person. A very active Guile package contributor otherwise.

@cwebber is into drawing but seldom has time for it these days because he's enabling the tools for sharing media and is deep into yak shaving with federating stuff.

@musicman does CC music podcasting and I believe he creates music when he has the time although he never has the time.

Several are curious of #riscv around here, but I believe @vertigo is the only one who built some RISC-V hardware.

@drak wrote and the book and is otherwise super into censor-proof networks like #freenet .

@hattiecat seems enthusiastic over open hardware CPUs in general.

@clacke @Kooda

Thanks for the mention! My progress is very slow now that I'm working again, but I'm slowly working towards a new design for my #riscv CPU. I also have designed the S16X4-family of CPUs, all derivates of the Steamer-16 MISC CPU.

I can speak to most of these topics. Whatcha wanna talk about?
I recently was watching a video, (how hot air balloons are made) and the person sewing the panels together was using a jig to make sure the seams were folding correctly. I had never thought of this, but it would certainly make things easier, when sewing unwieldy fabrics!

@Kooda Hi. Electronic music, chiptunes, interested in live coding, and I sew.

@kooda Hi! Chiptune-makin' music-composin' Scheme-programmin' vegan here!

@Kooda I am passionate about electronic music. I'm also a bit geek but I doesn't know a lot about language and OS design.

@Kooda 🙋 I'm kind of a novice at music and drawing still, and inside games and lang/OS are totally in my wheelhouse~

@kooda  i am interested in all the computer ones

@Kooda I'm into music composition, functional programming (more of a Clojure and Elm guy, though) and I hardly play videogames but I mostly like indie titles.

@kooda You'll hear me frequently rage about the computer ones...

@Kooda take a stroll over to as well. I'm posting my
music-related stuff over there, too (mostly about

@Kooda I *tangentially* touch on these topics. I'm building my own computer from scratch using FPGAs (Kestrel Computer Project). Kestrel-2DX isn't good enough for real gaming, but I hope the Kestrel-3 (which I'll start working on sometime next year, I predict) should be a system comparable to an Atari ST when completed. I hope.

I'll be porting a greatly reduced/simplified version of AmigaOS to it (just exec.library and dos.library), and will have a version of Forth available as well.

@vertigo Sounds nice! I’m already following you because you work on that. ^^

I have a (very very slow) project of portable console made with FPGA. I do that with a friend which is currently retro-engineering the Neo-Geo and making an open-source FPGA clone. ^^

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