My own half set came yesterday. I didn't expect the drones to interfere with my playing as much as they did. The good news is, practicing today things were already sounding better. I guess I'll be used to them by next week.

How does the set sound? Amazing, absolutely great. Precise, in tune, and no squeakiness. And that hard D is just grand.

#uilleann #pipes #trad

@tfb Awesome! :D Glad you can play again, I remember it’s been hard for you since the pandemic.
Has your local session resumed?

@Kooda Our association, including session, has started back up. Last night I was playing tin whistle, pipes, and singing. It is wonderful to be back and making music with friends.

(The local pub-hosted sessions look like they won't survive. Vive la vie associative !)


@tfb I’m glad you found a way :D

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