The (by @Hiro @Reptifur and I) is finished… and it works! I’m using it right now to type this message. :D
I’m very very happy with it. This is the perfect replacement for my old Typematrix that has nonfunctional rows and keys…

@Kooda @Hiro @Reptifur wow how did you do this? (I'm using a typematrix right now to type this message 😀 )

@ashledombos @Hiro @Reptifur Do you want to know anything in particular?
We designed the circuit and circuit boards, got them made by a prototyping company, ordered the components and assembled everything. :)

Thank you for all the links. Is the whole design open source? Or is there any patent on it?
@Hiro @Reptifur

@ashledombos @Hiro @Reptifur @Cairn_Devices yes it is open-source, but the repo is a bit of a mess, it’s my first KiCAD project after all.

I don’t think it would suit a laptop very well, it was designed to be easily assembled and soldered by hand (almost every component is through-hole) so a lot of the space at the top is lost.
Better look at @mntmn Reform’s one (which is a whole open-source laptop, and the keyboard uses the same switches as ours).

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