Today I worked a little on our (with @Hiro and @Reptifur) keyboard.
First time soldering an SMD component. Not the best job of course, but it wasn’t that hard! I just had to use a lot of flux!

The little socket is an 8-bit bus (or 5 lines + SPI bus) for external devices as well as initial programming. I tried programming it through that and it worked first try! :D

Next session will be soldering 70 diodes and 70 switches… x)

@Kooda @Hiro @Reptifur for not using reflow that looks pretty impressive... Or did you reflow?

@dotUser @Hiro @Reptifur you probably can! I’m very inexperienced and my iron is an unregulated 450°C one. Yet I found it quite easy!

@Kooda @Hiro @Reptifur I know I can't. I have had to build a number of custom pcb designs and have tried to no avail haha. Hands way too shaky to succeed. :(

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