I just received the PCBs for the low-profile mechanical keyboard project I’m doing with @Hiro and @Reptifur.
I’m super excited, everything went well! (this is my first PCB design and order)

The other keyboard on the photos is my Typematrix that I’m trying to replace with this project.

@Kooda Wow those low-profile keycaps and switches look great! I'm going to put a custom keyboard together for a Pi laptop project and I have trouble even finding blank keycaps, let alone low-profile ones. Do you have links or their names?

@andya The switches are Kailh Choc (v1) and the caps are also from Kailh and only work on these switches, they are *not* Cherry compatible.
I bought both from Novelkeys, but it looks like they are out of stock of pretty much everything right now.
I want to make more of these keyboards in the future, and I’ll try to order directly from Kailh.

@Kooda Ah that's great, thanks so much for the info! I realise my mistake now, I've been focusing on Cherry MX since they're in the keyboards I already have!

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