I’m mind blown that in 1979, you could just ask Commodore for a full set of schematics and debug tools for their computers.
Thanks a *lot* for making this possible again, 40 years later, I’m really grateful that I can experience this. I’ve already been checking out the online docs for the Reform in anticipation of the projects I want to do with it. 😄

@Kooda @mntmn

i'm not sure whether or not Atari made the schematics available, but before the XE 8-bit line came out, their power supplies were all very home serviceable. then they decided that there was profit to be made from fucking people over and started potting them in epoxy, not only making them impossible to repair, but with the bonus feature of taking your computer with it. they were called "brick" power supplies for more than just their appearance.

@lyliawisteria @mntmn Yeah… I’ve seen some of them, they are quite frightening.

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