5.0.0 release candidate 1 is now available!

Major changes:
- core modules layout
- full numeric tower support by default
- declarative packaging system
- deployment as static binaries has been made super easy (just a build switch)
- reproducible builds, for CHICKEN itself and any code built with it!

More info here:

Full list of changes here:

Download it here:

@Kooda I didn't realize Chicken is on the fediverse and I'm excited to see what new in 5! particularly the new module changes will make things easier I hope
@Kooda looking forward to it. I use Haskell a decent amount but when i want to put something together a bit quicker but still in FP land I've been really digging chicken

@anarchosaurus That’s nice to hear! ^^
With CHICKEN 5 it’s very very easy to make portable executables that don’t have dependencies, just like Go.
That’s really useful when you want to make a tool quickly and never thing about it again, or distribute complex applications easily. :)

@Kooda Cool! I was looking for something like that in 4 but none of it worked quite how i expected
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