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Hey fellow tooters, do you know any people around here interested in these topics? I’d love to chat about them, I don’t know who to follow!

- music composition
- electronic music, chiptune
- VJing, live digital performances
- indie video games
- demoscene
- hardware hack (softcore cpus, gpus…)
- programming language design
- operating system design
- drawing, painting
- crafts (woodworking, sewing…)

I probably forgot some of my interests there, but it’s a start!

Boost is appreciated. :3

Hey, I moved to a different instance! Please follow me over there as well! ♥


Well, now that’s motivating! ♥

Please give nice feedback to your open-source devs! They are human too you know.

Doing cello is my medicine, it instantly makes me happy and the effect lasts for the whole day…

I’ll have to tell my psychiatrist to stop the useless antidepressant and prescribe me with a daily dose of music making. 🎵 🎻

I have to try out Wayland and wio, and port / remake my ACME clone for it.

I want to make a psychedelic drum&bass track, but I have no idea where to start…

Phiew! I’m back home at last! I had a really great time at the CHICKEN meeting. I’ll talk about it in the next blog post.

Oh my goodness I've just learned a thing about The Matrix that causes it to make a lot more sense: In the original script the humans were used as neural network compute clusters by the Machines and as a crucial component of The Matrix itself.

Which is why humans who were aware of the simulation could control aspects of The Matrix - their minds were part of its foundation.

Unfortunately the test audiences had trouble understanding this concept so the studio changed the human role to "batteries".

git tip 

New blog post! I’ll try to get into a light weekly post habit about life and work on various things.

This week:

New blog post! I’ll try to get into a light weekly post habit about life and work on various things.

This week:

sleep science 

sleep science 

Bonsoir mastodon,
un ami me fait part du cas d'un jeune LGBT mis à la porte de chez lui. Connaissez-vous des gens / structures susceptibles de l'accueillir ? C'est en région parisienne.
(repouets appréciés)

J’aime pas cette nouvelle tendance à mettre tous les tutos au format vidéo:
- C’est lourd
- C’est lent
- C’est contraignant pour ceux qui sont sur des wifi publics
- C’est hyper pas pratique pour retrouver un sous item intéressant sous la masse d’infos.

Rien ne vaut le texte. Si tu veux être hype mets une image, allez je te passe même le gif 😒

Franchement arrêtez c’est super relou

Oh no. I remember my dream. I broke a cello string in it. 😟

This is Bo the Rooster; my take on a traditional and rustic motif found in many a kitchen. I wanted something a little more modern and contemporary to go with my French Country theme. #digitalpainting #rooster #mastoart #art

Hey everyone! #introduction

I'm Jess and I'm an upcoming #comics #writer and #illustrator I also do fun and silly #art for all ages when the mood strikes!

I love watching loads of #cartoons like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, etc.

And of course, #boardgames hold a special place in my heart. I love #videogames as well, but the imagination aspect is what keeps me coming back. Currently, I DM a #D&D 5e game and it's always tons of fun!

Can't wait to see what everyone's up to around here! 😀

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