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L'un des grands charmes de Tokyo : les musiques associées aux métros (arrivée, fermeture des portes…). Il y en a un nombre immense, plus ou moins une par station par ligne et par direction !

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Kink: Size difference, insertions 

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Should try and make a FA to masto importer :owo_thanking:

Yay I finished day 5 of the -of-code.
What do you mean we are the 9th?
I blame android for being unable to copy paste properly. Also the evil trailing '\n'

réponse automatique a mon mail pour demander a ldlc pourquoi je n'ai pas de nouvelle de ma commande passée il y a une semaine.

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Coda character sheet for @poss_bot

Commissions available:

just finished yesterday advent of code. still four hours before next one. so I will probably go to bed.

half the work is parsing the input.

So? when is all the porn of tumblr coming to masto, I am waiting.

-of-code yay four stars. It is a little bit dirty though. I coded while past the Balmer point. It is available on github.

I have not made tests for the second part. Yet.

shit, this one takes a long time.
«took 147185 steps»
real 0m4.629s

probably could have been done more efficiently.

but it is done.


First star got !

Code can bet inspected at

pub fn process(input: &String) -> i32{
input.split('\n').map(|x| x.trim())
.map(|x| -> i32 {x.parse().unwrap_or(0)}).sum()

-of-code «You gave an answer too recently; you have to wait after submitting an answer before trying again. You have 48s left to wait.»

I just misclicked ! I swear !

let's try again this year to do the «advent of code»
this year, I try using Rust.
Wish me courage.

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instant federation while I was complaining.

my matrix server is up, but not federating

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🎨 Psuedo-glitchy procedural NN art. :cybre_glitch:

Since video is probably better than a wall of text, here's a short scene:

📹 Full video:
💾 Source and docs:

Remember, this city does not exist. :blobwoah:

Successfully migrated the instance to a new server, yay.

sorry for the downtime.

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