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@halcy Also isn't a REALLY WEIRD COINCIDENCE how, like, every single country failing to handle covid-19 is also run by a right-wing populist?

Apparently we were tho ones being offended by everything, until the whole world was asked to wear masks and then we saw who were the real snowflakes

Selfie, eye-contact 

Don't mind me, just trying my new flash.

People take "constructed" to mean "not real," but then you go over to their house and hang out and they pitch a fit about "trespassing" and "property rights" and all this invisible shit that they suddenly assert is very real because some lawyers wrote about it once, even though it's constructed. When someone says something is a construct, that means it's contingent on certain conditions, that doesn't mean it suddenly just goes away because it's conditioned, or that it can be asserted as eternal.

In case you missed it, you can donate $5+ to the NAACP Defense Fund and the Community Bail Fund through and get >700 games in return.

bonjour, je vous partage une photo de mon travail.

Je suis occup茅 脿 regarder en direction de mon chef de train, pour voir quand il me fera le signe de la main m'autorisant le d茅part.

Villager offering me a garbage can.
Sure why not, for our furry trash friends. I put it in front of the shop with the tanukis in it.

considering blocking the instance for ignoring spambot reports.


J鈥檃rrivais pas 脿 me repr茅senter l鈥櫭ヽart entre les fraudes des pauvres (fraudes au RSA, arr锚ts maladie, prestations familiales) et celles des riches (fraudes 脿 l鈥檌mp么t sur la soci茅t茅, au cotisations sociales - les employ茅s non d茅clar茅s, 脿 l鈥檌mp么t sur le revenu) alors j鈥檃i fais 莽a:


Je reviens de la petite balade de la semaine, pas loin de chez moi, confinement oblige.
Ceci est une Ouette d'脡gypte.
Un bien joli canard.

Bonjour, j'ai fait un petit peu de couture. Une petite d茅coration de table.

Good, a free 7 day trial of the nintendo network thingie, I will soon get new fruits.

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