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fighting against hate groups, effect of destroying their place, twitter screenshot 

Turns out that destroying gathering place for nazis/oppressors actually works and we should do it and continue to do it.

Just saying "they will move somehere else" is totally stupid and doesn't understand the principle of war of cost.

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New emojos :blobshibemad: :blobshibesmile: :blobshibewink:
@shiro have you seen?

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Hello I’m Hiro Lynx and here is my  !

- I love , I don’t care about genres as long as it’s good, but I fancy traditional music (, East-European…), electronica, , .
- I play Celtic , , and a bunch of .
- I love , I have a complicated relationship with C++, I use , VIM and Firefox
- I love and trying new recipes! I mostly eat veggies.
- since 2001 and I’m pretty for males and :3

hello, I did some lua in factorio, maybe I should sleep now

Bonjour @sinuso, bienvenu sur mastodon. Je ne t'avais pas vu :x

(worst admin ever)

I just learned that if you mention someone by @ within a direct message, that person will get the message.That was unexpected. Though I should have expected it.

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Le vote par le Parlement fédéral allemand, le 17 mai dernier, d’une résolution assimilant à un mouvement antisémite la campagne BDS contre l’occupation des territoires palestiniens par Israël a inspiré une sévère réplique à @levy_haaretz.

updated to version 2.8.4 also set up a automated backup

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Well, now that’s motivating! ♥

Please give nice feedback to your open-source devs! They are human too you know.

Added two otter emoji.
Also found a bug in fedilab.

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From twitter 


My dog's pillow fell to the roof couple days ago. It has a new owner now.


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