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just finished yesterday advent of code. still four hours before next one. so I will probably go to bed.

half the work is parsing the input.

So? when is all the porn of tumblr coming to masto, I am waiting.

-of-code yay four stars. It is a little bit dirty though. I coded while past the Balmer point. It is available on github.

I have not made tests for the second part. Yet.

shit, this one takes a long time.
«took 147185 steps»
real 0m4.629s

probably could have been done more efficiently.

but it is done.


First star got !

Code can bet inspected at

pub fn process(input: &String) -> i32{
input.split('\n').map(|x| x.trim())
.map(|x| -> i32 {x.parse().unwrap_or(0)}).sum()

-of-code «You gave an answer too recently; you have to wait after submitting an answer before trying again. You have 48s left to wait.»

I just misclicked ! I swear !

let's try again this year to do the «advent of code»
this year, I try using Rust.
Wish me courage.

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instant federation while I was complaining.

my matrix server is up, but not federating

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🎨 Psuedo-glitchy procedural NN art. :cybre_glitch:

Since video is probably better than a wall of text, here's a short scene:

📹 Full video:
💾 Source and docs:

Remember, this city does not exist. :blobwoah:

Successfully migrated the instance to a new server, yay.

sorry for the downtime.

internet, c'est quoi ça ?
So youtube is trying to recommend recipes, out of the 6 recommended video, two are in russian, two are unrelated, and one is advertisement for a thing apparently you can buy on youtube.

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Si vous vous ennuyez, j'ai pondu une tartine sur la responsabilité des intermédiaires techniques.

she looks so trustworthy (not)

even her cat is trying to run away.

NVA is the far right party that is currently in power in Belgium.

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