@Nomaxice I called mine Riverland maybe not the most original, but I like rivers.

@Hiro c'est pour les réparer et leur donner un aspect brillant et doux.
il parait, on verra.

épidémie de coronavirus oblige, pour une fois on a le temps de s'étaler de l'huile de coco dans les cheveux

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That glorious time when every time I tried to print anything, it printed "postscript syntax error"

Frnace shitpost 

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Anyway, in my ideal utopia, no one would ever have to pay for any necessities ever which means:

- free food
- free housing
- free healthcare
- free education
- free wifi
- unlimited library access


This weekend I start a photo gallery, starting with gdakon.

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this is good to remember, but I also think that we need to move out of the framework of "property" and "ownership". your toothbrush, your domicile, your garden all exist because of a larger system and community. we should have our needs and desires met, but those change over time and thus how your property is aligned changes. Is a multi-generational household your private property? what about the community center on the corner?

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discussion of dick pics 

discussion of dick pics 

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