bad @shiro , @dashie est une gentille loutre sage contrairement à toi.

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The ' Ask for PDFs' facebook group made a super useful flowchart to finding articles and books for free.

@dashie communiste, d'après le parlement européen tu es aussi mauvais qu'un nazi.

Pas de mention de Mussolini, sinon les italiens auraient voté contre.
Pas de mention de franco.

Ça fait un peu penser a la loi mémorielle française qui interdit de mettre en doute les conclusions du process de Nuremberg (ou pourtant des erreurs ont été commises)

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@bram that is too complicated for me. What does that do?

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Also maybe I should play some pokemon. And make the music of the intro play properly. The notes sound right, but I don't get all of them.

the noise channel finally sounds right. Now I should maybe try to make Tetris work. (or play link's awakening)

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Les pauvres : «euh si vous pouviez ne pas couper toutes les aides svp ?»

Français.e.s : «Et nos impots ??? ?è_é»

*marre de la fraude fiscale, les riches vont devoir payer leur impots*

Français.e.s : «Racisme anti-riche !!!»

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Migrant : *Arrive péniblement d'un pays en guerre (causé par la France) après avoir risqué sa vie et ne demande rien à personne*

Français.e.s . «On a pas les moyens de les soutenir è_é»

Balkany : *fraude des millions*

Français.e.s : Personne n'est parfait :'(

@dashie "I don't understand so scientists will not understand either"

this evening, I plan on modifying my emulator to handle different outputs, like maybe android.
Maybe also put the emulator in its own crate. This will involve traits.

Last commit : sounds more like it should, but not quite there yet.
I still have strange behavior, like the noise channel not stopping when it should.
Still I am please with the work done tonight.

still investigating the sound bug @Hiro reported, I know what is happening, the sound effect plays for too long, It should stop, but I don't know what should stop it. Am I decreasing the time counter too slowly ?

It can now save. I will be able to play games !

Notice the tiny floppy icon, because I still want to save to disk manually.

Modern vintage gamer. He has nice videos about hardware and copy protection of old consoles.

I knoooooow. Also I should draw sprites on top of the window it seems. So I could have a cursor in the menu.
What are you using to record the game?

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