Trop de Rust, j'ai mal ma tête et j'ai toujours pas réussi à faire marcher mon truc

implementation of `puzzles::Puzzle` is not general enough

This week we went twice for a walk in the belgian countryside.

I took some photos and just set up a gallery thing, it is still a work in progress though.

First near La Gileppe.

Then near Coo.

@Siph c'est probablement ce que je ferais si j'étais francais.

Ou Poutou.

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@mel twitter does it to me all the time, probably for having two tabs open and using the back button.

question : mention famille, potentielle arnaque 

@lorrsch probablement "juste" un numéro surtaxé. La probabilité de recevoir les 2000€ est de 0 et une bonne chance pour avoir fait un appel à 10€ la minute vers le Samoa.

@dashie @bamfic also I don't know about esp32 but esp8266 sends data on all serial output on boot, that could be a nuisance for your project.

@dashie @bamfic it is for your keyboard thing ? At least stm32 and esp are cheap, so no worries there.

@dashie @bamfic just reprogram the esp it is a quite capable microcontroller.

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Technically, true “werewolves” are only found in the wild populations. Those who are domesticated and live in society are weredoggos.

@shiro a pardon l'original. La version PlayStation est merdique. La version PC est ok.

@shiro j'ai pas l'intention de jouer en français. La version anglaise est bien. Puis c'est jap sous titré anglais

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@mel oooo adventure camper trip ? Where did you go ?

@Tiwy57 and if you don't have one, potential employers assume that you don't really want to work.

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