I am trying to make a text display lib in rust It seems windows do not like ansi escape codes.

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elles font rêver les pubs sur twitter.

This week we went twice for a walk in the belgian countryside.

I took some photos and just set up a gallery thing, it is still a work in progress though.

First near La Gileppe.


Then near Coo.


Totally worked of first try, I don't see what you are talking about. PCB was perfect.

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Comment survivre à la canicule.

Because I wanted to know if I could see that new comet everyone is talking about despite the terrible condition I find myself in.

Seems like I can. It is extremely faint, just a brighter point with some kind of a blurry trail.

Gigi went on vacation by herself. So she left me a mini her on the bed.

Je ne comprenais pas pourquoi mon clavier avait des lags. Étonnement, Microsoft l'a acheté. Et depuis ça ne marche plus très bien.

I was wondering why my keyboard was lagging. Surprisingly, Microsoft bought it. Now it doesn't work very well.

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