This week we went twice for a walk in the belgian countryside.

I took some photos and just set up a gallery thing, it is still a work in progress though.

First near La Gileppe.

Then near Coo.

Totally worked of first try, I don't see what you are talking about. PCB was perfect.

"nude", feet, bath 

Comment survivre à la canicule.

Because I wanted to know if I could see that new comet everyone is talking about despite the terrible condition I find myself in.

Seems like I can. It is extremely faint, just a brighter point with some kind of a blurry trail.

Gigi went on vacation by herself. So she left me a mini her on the bed.

Je ne comprenais pas pourquoi mon clavier avait des lags. Étonnement, Microsoft l'a acheté. Et depuis ça ne marche plus très bien.

I was wondering why my keyboard was lagging. Surprisingly, Microsoft bought it. Now it doesn't work very well.

Selfie, eye-contact 

Don't mind me, just trying my new flash.

bonjour, je vous partage une photo de mon travail.

Je suis occupé à regarder en direction de mon chef de train, pour voir quand il me fera le signe de la main m'autorisant le départ.

Villager offering me a garbage can.
Sure why not, for our furry trash friends. I put it in front of the shop with the tanukis in it.

Je reviens de la petite balade de la semaine, pas loin de chez moi, confinement oblige.
Ceci est une Ouette d'Égypte.
Un bien joli canard.

Bonjour, j'ai fait un petit peu de couture. Une petite décoration de table.

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