réponse automatique a mon mail pour demander a ldlc pourquoi je n'ai pas de nouvelle de ma commande passée il y a une semaine.

internet, c'est quoi ça ?
So youtube is trying to recommend recipes, out of the 6 recommended video, two are in russian, two are unrelated, and one is advertisement for a thing apparently you can buy on youtube.

she looks so trustworthy (not)

even her cat is trying to run away.

NVA is the far right party that is currently in power in Belgium.

Selfie, train. Why do people specifie eye contact? Isn't that the norm for a selfie? Show more

just showing of my layout on my new hipster keyboard.

I found a nice place. It even has running water.

nsfw furry nude Show more

Oxygen not included Show more

Bricolage Show more

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