And who is cloning my repository ?
Is there anything interesting in there or is it just bots searching for passwords ?

@Kasil I cloned it! But couldn’t compile because a libpulse newer than the one of my Devuan is needed ;_;

@Hiro you probably can use it with an older version of libpulse using libpulse-binding = { version = "2.0", default-features = false } in the Cargo.toml file
But I don't know if I am not using recent features.

@Kasil Still fails, because libpulse-sys really wants at least version 12. But I have an unstable Devuan on some device, I’ll try compiling there! It’s a pretty slow device tho so I’ll get to judge how efficient your code is :p

@Hiro not at all. also compile with --release if you want it to be not too painfully slow

@Kasil It worked \o/ Framerate was quite low, maybe like 15fps, but the game seemed to be running at the correct pace !

@Kasil I could play a little bit of Link’s Awakening :p Good work !

@Kasil Yes! I should have looked in htop how much it was using. Will do later :)

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