Ce soir, à partir de 21h30, je #stream l’évolution de mon parc d’attraction dans #OpenRCT2 ! Venez, ce sera agréable et drôle !


Tonight, starting at 9:30 pm, I’ll #stream the ongoing activity in my roller coaster park in #OpenRCT2 ! Join me, we’ll share joy and fun!

Just testing Mixer out of curiosity and well it’s even more gamified than Twitch. Numbers everywhere: levels, XP, embers, hearts, sparks, skils. If found a musician to watch, and someone apparently spent sparks to display a GIF in chat that said “today is a good day to be gay”, which is a little surprising but always nice (even more so bc the streamer agreed).

Account creation seems to be handled by Microsoft. Obtaining a streaming key takes 24h (there is an automated validation process).

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@Siphonay cutest siph, would cuddle with and mb steal som smoke

a wereskunk in underwear (part 2) Show more

I’ve now begun using uBlock Origin to block posts from toxic people on a web forum. Said web forum is kind enough to provide a “data-author” argument on the post-enclosing element, thank you web forum software!

@Siphonay All the Sennheiser I tested sounded weird, I suppose that’s how they sound! I just don’t get why people buy these ^^’ Did you test the ATH-M50X and the ATH-M40X? Just curious. I’m glad you found headphones that you like! I hope I can try them sometime :3

@Dofain J’avais utilisé de l’huile que je répartissais avec du sopalin, je tenterai avec du beurre la prochaine fois! Je pense que ma poêle était peut-être trop chaude aussi… ou alors pas assez :x

@kefen Malheuresement il n’y a pas de Night et sa billig assortie au super-marché, mais moi aussi je me tâte parfois pour du matos un peu plus sérieux !

@kefen Oui tout à fait :x du coup c’était un peu la fausse joie après la première crêpe… j’vais me racheter une galetière du coup ^^’

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