Totally worked of first try, I don't see what you are talking about. PCB was perfect.

I was testing h264 hardware encoding on my newly acquired AMD RX 580 with VAAPI on Linux and the results were quite bad. Comparable to x264 superfast no-b-frames.

Well I thought Linux support was lacking. But after seeing some tests on YT it seems AMD h264 hardware encoding is just trash. I’m a little disappointed. It’ll be fine for me but I can understand why streamers wouldn’t get AMD GPUs.

This is even somewhat annoying because their h265 encoder is good actually.

Furryart, shy bear in briefs. 

He's shy, but still wants to show off his new undies. Be kind to him. :D

Lineart practice because I've let myself get really rusty. Enjoy! :D

"When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create."

@polarfuchs Great intonation! But I agree with @2ch, the perfectly French uwu is not accessible to English people without adequate training because of the [y]! And I’m not recording it either so here is a rendition attempt using Google’s French voice ;)

I love river otters and I love German Shepherds so here is a video with the two playing together. #EyeBleach

I see lots of streamers playing Fall Guys and it’s refreshing to see a fun MMO that is not about killing stuff, monsters or people!

Today at the park I saw many of smaller-than-usual ducks so I think they were young. They were quite used to the presence of people already and didn’t freak out when I came closer.

Next time I’ll try to bring my camera that has a 18x optical zoom that I bought specifically for the purpose of getting pictures of ducks.

@olivia I always come back to Terminus. It’s a bitmap font and I have 96dpi screens so it’s super crisp and pixel-perfect at 12pt. Missing glyphs come from Unifont.

(Jupiter has more than four moons but the four biggest ones are far bigger than the others)

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