I don’t have much of a platform but and I hope what’s happening in the USA brings some change.

furry art, eye contact 

Y'all ever seen a lion wear socks before?

🎨 @ruca

furry art, eye contact 

@asonix looks great on you!

Furryart, undies, I drew Bowser with a package 

Felt like drawing a buff Bowser, and I'm Gorp so I had to do an undies edit.

@Kasil Still, P2P is good when done right and I hope experiments like this inspire people to make less centralized software.

@Kasil Sorry, my sarcasm was not obvious enough.

IMO every tech based on modern HTML and JS is doomed to develop all the characteristics I dislike in the software we already have.

Just a reminder that modern web is terrible and eBay is port-scanning your computer.


(I could successfully reproduce the behavior, using "wss://" instead of "ws://" on a blank FireFox).

a coward: Stuffed animals are for children and adults should grow out of them

me, an enlightened autist: stuffed animals are for everyone and markedly improve sleep, chilling, and overall quality of life

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Friends, I need your help investigating a possible problem.

If you:
- know what "Tapestries" is;
- use a unique email address there;
Can you please reach out to me? DMs open.

Else please RT for visibility? Thanks.

@Webster Ho wow that’s a great looking drip-coffee machine. I always see cheap plastic and glass ones around here, which most often burn the coffee while they produce it.

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