Working on my speedrun segment timer thingy because I wanted one that was very light and I couldn’t find one. It’s written in C++, runs in a terminal, and supports global hotkeys!

Upgraded the cushions of my headphone, They feel super comfy now, more room for my ears and velvet instead of fake leather against my skin.

The Talos Principle (game) maybe puzzle spoiler? 

Months ago me and @Kooda started to disassemble the Atari Portfolio with a faulty display I recovered from my parents’ attic. We finally got to the core of the problem and unfortunately it is not fixable without buy a new LCD. Too bad! I’m not sure I can get this part for a reasonable price.

Stealing this from @phobos_dthorga :3
The first one is my all time favourite, and I had a hard time picking three others ^^’ I don’t play much and often play new games.
Honourable mention : Diablo II

It's been a long time since I've watched an Irish music session !

I just closed and opened again Firefox and this is the site data stored on my computer.

These websites I never visited myself store lots of data on my computer although I asked Firefox to not let this happen. I set some exceptions but needless to say those websites aren’t included.

I checked the option “Accept cookies and site data from websites (recommended)” and selected “Keep until I close Firefox”. But this data remains.

I think I’m gonna report this, it’s been a problem for years.


La « Latence basse » sur Twitch quand je le laisse gérer la résolution automatiquement sur ma ligne ADSL de piètre qualité

cooking vegetarian pizza 

One of my favorite things is male lions being affectionate to each other. It seems to happen quite often between brothers.




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