I just like videos about old hardware. Not sure why. I watch TechMoan, LGR, 8-Bit Guy, Technology Connections. I got reminded about AkBKukU by @Kooda lately too. If you have any channel recommendations I’d be glad to hear them!

Modern vintage gamer. He has nice videos about hardware and copy protection of old consoles.

@Hiro Retro Game Mechanics Explained ( is also awesome to a SNES lover like me. And now YouTube recommends plenty of videos about old consoles (like the NES/SNES/PS1 copy protection systems), which is rather cool!

@Hiro I also like A+Start ( a lot but it's not about old hardware necessarily. He still explores games from old systems in funny ways!

@Hiro (Oh, also Michael Steil's webpage and the presentations he did about the 6502 and so many others, including of course the Ultimate Game Boy Talk.)

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