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Hello I’m Hiro Lynx and here is my  !

- I love , I don’t care about genres as long as it’s good, but I fancy traditional music (, East-European…), electronica, , .
- I play Celtic , , and a bunch of .
- I love , I have a complicated relationship with C++, I use , VIM and Firefox
- I love and trying new recipes! I mostly eat veggies.
- since 2001 and I’m pretty for males and :3

Ça me rappelle dans le même genre les gens qui disent “I could care less” alors qu’ils veulent dire “I could not care less”. Comme il semble que la première expression n’est jamais utilisée pour sa signification littérale, ça passe, mais pour “all but” j’ai pas l’impression que ce soit le cas? Est-ce que je me trompe?

C’est quand même pas pratique qu’une expression telle que celle-ci puisse vouloir dire une chose et son exact contraire :( Je viens de lire le chapeau d’un article sur un journal ou c’était effectivement la deuxième (« pratiquement ») mais à moins de connaître le contexte ou de lire l’article en entier, impossible de savoir.

caffeinated beverage 

A raccoon-y Nik I got a while back

By @nutcaseart on twitter

Salutation univers! ✨

Et bam grâce à ce subtile subterfuge j'ai pu injecter de la cuterie dans ta timeline 💖

I played Expand, it’s a super chill puzzle/skill game with a nice concept and nice music :)

So I tried to play Star Citizen (bc free until 5 dec) on my quite underspec’d PC on Linux with Wine.

Well I could visit my apartment and go outside for a minute, at respectively 6-10FPS and 2FPS. Graphics seemed to look good! I had to fiddle with dlls and winetricks.

I guess if you have an half-decent PC you could play under Linux? People report random crashes tho. I’ve heard there’ll be an official port later.

firefox rant 

"May the universe rain down blessings on your dumb arse."
Done. No more drawing fur, please.
#mastoart #art #otter

So my espresso machine died two weeks ago and I’m using my french press instead and boy I miss my espresso.

I made cold coffee, finely ground coffee infused in filtered water overnight in the fridge, and that was pretty nice. Very different but pleasing with a balanced taste.

Working on my speedrun segment timer thingy because I wanted one that was very light and I couldn’t find one. It’s written in C++, runs in a terminal, and supports global hotkeys!

English below.
Bonjour les gens,
Je cherche un artiste qui serait disposé à me faire un badge de 128 pixels de large et ~100 pixels de haut (128 avec texte) noir et blanc pour Fluufff qui commence le 20 Novembre.
Pouvez vous me conseiller quelqu'un ?

Hello people,
I am looking for an artist to draw me a badge which would be 128 pixels wide and ~100 pixels tall(128 with text) black and white for Fluufff which begins on the 20th of November.
Could you recommend someone?
Thank you.

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