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Hello I’m Hiro Lynx and here is my  !

- I love , I don’t care about genres as long as it’s good, but I fancy traditional music (, East-European…), electronica, , .
- I play Celtic , , and a bunch of .
- I love , I have a complicated relationship with C++, I use , VIM and Firefox
- I love and trying new recipes! I mostly eat veggies.
- since 2001 and I’m pretty for males and :3

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“Say.. Would you get off me?”
(By @/li_geduld)


No one :
French furries : les haricots de la patoune oui oui hon hon

can i offer you a comforting friend or two in this trying time?

(omg i love these so much! art by @sockeye aaaaaaaaaaa)

ok here's the second one

artfight attack for weirddragnthing on twitter

I meant the switches require a pressure of only 35g to activate, the whole keyboard weighs 372g :p

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Made myself a second one :3 This one is linear non clicky non tactile and quite light (35g), it's very pleasant !

My cello teacher released an electro track for the first time, it’s really cool! Please have a listen. :3

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For what do you need chicken nuggets when you have high protein beans on your desk already


"I want those chicken nuggets on my desk by 5"


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Just flashed Libreboot on my old Macbook from 2006 :D (fun fact: I mistakenly put a Windows 10 SSD inside it and it ran just fine)


I’m going to be raising my prices, which means I’m going to need some new Trello examples!

I’m opening one slot for;

A discounted headshot; $20

A discounted icon; $30

A discounted waist-up; $20

And a discounted fullbody; $30

One slot each! Prices will be up soon! <3 Please reach out here or on telegram (Sunnysockeye) if you’re interested!

I also accept tips if you’d like to help out! 💕


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