Je viens de licencier mon cerveau pour faute grave.

Toutes ces balles sont de la même couleur...


This has been sitting for a long time in my (huge) list of music that I should investigate and it’s so awesome

A sweet summertime Pel by beelzbat on twitter (old but relevant piece)!

Hey @lidlfrance sympa le mode tablette Android de votre robot !
@Siphonay merci pour ton aide

Florence Adrian (bunny) and his husband, Kanoro (opossum), love to dance~!
(Both go by he/him pronouns)

concept: a kickstarter where the stretch goals are not "we'll do more stuff" but rather "we'll pay everyone involved in the project more" and so there's no 3-year delay from implementing all the stretch goal stuff.

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I’m switching to a protected profile, because it doesn’t seem very useful to have and use all the privacy features if one just needs to follow me for a moment to defeat them.

I will remove some of my followees based on undisclosed criteria, and this task may be prone to errors on my end so talk to me if you think you were removed by error.

"Finland is the only EU country where homelessness is falling. Its secret? Giving people homes as soon as they need them – unconditionally"

Who would have guessed

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