So it seems the Firefox that’s packaged by Devuan works with ALSA (without PulseAudio) so I’m using it again for now.

Also fighting the Blink/WebKit monoculture.

This pupper cat has a fluffy neck, and loves to blep and accepts pets.
Art by Reddfrenzy on IG
#Art #cat #pupper

"A simple LM3915 based VU meter" by Mohit Bhoite.

This guy's site is full of beautiful free form electronics.

I drew my baby boy uwu my kobold named Gugs!

My deepest held and most unflinching belief is that all people, unconditionally and without exception, should have the right to accommodation, food, water, sanitation, education, and basic modern utilities like electricity and internet access.

The fact that there are some people who not only disagree with this but consider it to be a radical opinion, is completely unacceptable TBQH.

big cats stretching their peets boost if you agree

I updated Runner3 and now some models won’t show with DXVK :( Critical ones like the player themselves and some enemies like the knight. I’m lucky I kept a backup of the previous version so I can continue playing.

Twitch works well but is there an alternative that isn’t owned by a terrible company? I like Picarto but they don’t like gaming much (i.e. they state they don’t intend to become a gaming streaming site and when one does stream games, they aren’t visible in the default global listing of live streams)

Web developers seem to not care much about people with slow internet connections like mine. And when I say slow, I mean like 4Mbps. Which used to be a lot not so long ago.

At first I thought Runner3 was not very good and also buggy, but now I have it working correctly (with Wine+DXVK, it was buggier on effing Windows) I kinda begin to like it. The OST is really good, the gameplay is deeper than I thought, it’s getting a lil better every day I play!

Et quand deux canards se rencontrent

C'est une coin-coincidence

I’m kinda sad tho that some game editors that use to support Linux decide to not support Linux anymore and just wait for Wine to catch up and run their games. I hope those guys at least make substantial donations to the Wine project. (I guess they don’t)

With Wine+DXVK and SteamPlay (which is almost the same thing AFAIK) I’m totally running out of reasons to keep that Windows 7 I have installed on my main computer.

I only rarely launch it already and it wants to update random shit and useless stuff every time I do.

Juste one Win7 VM should be enough for some ultimate testing purposes. I must learn how to use the MinGW cross compiler like @Kooda does so I can compile for Windows without being required to launch the VM (and test with Wine).

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