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Hello I’m Hiro Lynx and here is my  !

- I love , I don’t care about genres as long as it’s good, but I fancy traditional music (, East-European…), electronica, , .
- I play Celtic , , and a bunch of .
- I love , I have a complicated relationship with C++, I use , VIM and Firefox
- I love and trying new recipes! I mostly eat veggies.
- since 2001 and I’m pretty for males and :3

Ce soir, à partir de 21h30, je #stream l’évolution de mon parc d’attraction dans #OpenRCT2 ! Venez, ce sera agréable et drôle !

Tonight, starting at 9:30 pm, I’ll #stream the ongoing activity in my roller coaster park in #OpenRCT2 ! Join me, we’ll share joy and fun!

Just testing Mixer out of curiosity and well it’s even more gamified than Twitch. Numbers everywhere: levels, XP, embers, hearts, sparks, skils. If found a musician to watch, and someone apparently spent sparks to display a GIF in chat that said “today is a good day to be gay”, which is a little surprising but always nice (even more so bc the streamer agreed).

Account creation seems to be handled by Microsoft. Obtaining a streaming key takes 24h (there is an automated validation process).

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I’ve now begun using uBlock Origin to block posts from toxic people on a web forum. Said web forum is kind enough to provide a “data-author” argument on the post-enclosing element, thank you web forum software!

Alors. La première crêpe était plutôt réussie, puis toutes les suivantes furent des échecs terribles qui m’ont brisé le cœur.

J’ai vu une vidéo d’un chef qui faisait des crêpes dans une poêle en inox et ça avait l’air d’être facile comme tout, et comme ma crêpière anti-adhésive rend l’âme, je crois que je fais faire quelques essais

I found that using the Xcompose capture source in OBS to stream a V-SYNC’ed game breaks its V-SYNC, which is extremely annoying :( I resorted to use XSHM and while it works, it’s a bit more cumbersome to use. Maybe it’s a problem specific to NVIDIA drivers though.


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